Our projects

1. Educational Sponsorship

We enable children in rural Nepal to attend school

Our educational sponsorship program helps children from low-income families to fund their school attendance. Many children are unfortunately denied the opportunity to attend school and thus their right to education due to the poverty of the family. For 20 € a year a child can attend school with all materials needed.

2. Extracurricular offers for children and adults

Homework support and recreational education

We employ college students and teachers in our tutoring centers in the project villages. In example, low-achieving students receive free tutoring lessons near their home. Furthermore, FoC-Nepal funds leisure-time educational offerings in the centers to provide the children opportunities for fun and games in addition to learning and working in the fields.

3. Irregular Projects

Emergency Aid, Advanced Training for teachers, Workshops

Emergencies happen again and again in our project region: people suffer fatalities such as earthquakes, fires, accidents with motorcycles and buses or locally untreatable diseases. In these cases people often rely on financial support.

In addition, FoC-Nepal organizes training courses for teachers that advance non-violent education and the use of effective teaching methods.

Furthermore, we organize workshops for students, in example on the topics of „planning the future“ and „environmental awareness“.

Facts of our Project Region:

  • 5 Municipalities (Dedhgaun, Rakuwa, Ruchang, Naram, Mithukaram)
  • 40 Public Schools
  • 180 Teachers
  • 5000 Students

What we have achieved so far (excerpt):

  • Generation and implementation of approx. € 120,000 donations since 2010.
  • Educational sponsorship program for up to 200 children per year (total 885) since 2010 (provision of school materials for children and young people from low-income families).
  • Establishment and maintenance of nine tutoring centers with a total of eight teachers. More than 400 children come together every day to do homework or prepare for exams with the support of college students and teachers. In addition, there are regular games and sports days with picnics on weekends.
  • Equipment of 20 schools with a total of 124 whiteboards and other furniture.
  • Game and sports materials (including volleyballs, badminton and cricket sets) for 15 schools in our project region.
  • Equipment with computers for computer teaching in 5 secondary schools
  • Earthquake relief for more than 7300 people (emergency aid, repair of houses etc.)
  • Training on developmental psychology and teaching methods for 40 teachers
  • Financial support for the construction of water pipes and toilets
  • Construction of an earthquake-proof classroom at Akala Devi Elementary School
  • Continuous financial support of Namaste Childrens House in Pokhara
  • Parenting Learning Project – Literacy of Adult Men and Women
  • Various medical aids in emergencies
  • Workshops on future perspectives for students
  • Support of college students
  • Support of the local birth ward with suitable equipment
  • Participation in the start-up scholarship of startsocial – Help for helpers e.V.

Donations Account:

Friends of Children – Nepal e.V.
Mainzer Volksbank eG
IBAN: DE32551900000830443016

Don’t hesitate to contact us: info@foc-nepal.de

Further information about the association and our projects at (german):

www.FoC-Nepal.de oder www.Facebook.com/FoC.Nepal.de

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