Who we are and what we do?

Who we are?

We are an association of young, motivated individuals who have lost their hearts to the country and people of Nepal. It all started during several months of volunteering by two founding members in a children’s home in the years 2008/2009. During that time, friendships began to develop with our current project partners. Three years and numerous visits later, the decision was made to professionalize our support. Far away from the tourist centers of Kathmandu and Pokhara, together with our Nepalese partner organization (Friend of Children – Nepal), we are now pursuing our vision of opening up educational opportunities for as many children as possible in our project region and enabling a life in dignity. The board members in Germany receive no salary and pay the regular flights to Nepal from private resources. Since the beginning of our activities in 2010 we have been able to generate and invest about € 120,000 donations.

What we do?

The focus of our work lays on the education of young people in rural Nepal. We aim to realize or improve different facets of education. (see the next page)

We take great care that all our projects are discussed and planned with local communities. If possible, local resources and local know-how should be used so that as few additional dependencies as possible are created. The environmental compatibility of our projects is very important to us.

You can help!

We appreciate any kind of support. Your donation helps us to establish ongoing projects and to realize new projects. With an educational sponsorship, you will enable a child in rural Nepal to spend a year at school for a one-time fee of € 20 per year.

The realization of all these projects requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we are always looking for new members who want to support us in our work. Your ideas and your commitment help us to get closer to our goal. Your membership fee of € 30 per year allows us to cover any costs of the association and to be able to guarantee that 100% of the donations are used in projects on site. Our full-time Project Coordinator in Nepal does not receive his salary from the regular donations, but through sponsors who generate the salary with us on a monthly basis. We are thankful for every kind of support from your side!

The Team:

From left to right:

  • Tom Probst (2nd Chairman, MSc. Educational Science)
  • Karin Probst (3rd Chairman, Dipl. Educational Science)
  • Dipendra Biswakarma (Project Coordinator in Nepal)
  • Raphael Ott (1st Chairman, Dipl. Pedagogue)

Educational Work in Germany

Lectures at schools and for groups / sensitization

Friends of Children – Nepal e.V. is always happy to receive invitations from school classes, youth groups, clubs, communities or other groups. We are happy to present our work and insights into the lives of people in Nepal. A sensitization – without pointing fingers – for the different manifestations of everyday life in our globalized world is of great importance to us.

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